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Our hostesses perform many different roles: they assist the guests at all kinds of events, communicate the benefits of a specific product and represent the image of a brand in the most professional manner… It could be extremely useful for a business to hire the services of hostesses due to their great professionalism, good image and demeanor, which conveys the feeling of proximity and seriousness towards the business and its brand.

We have at your disposal the most talented and qualified young ladies and gentlemen to portray the best image for your business and product.

Certain events require specific etiquette formation by the staff that carries it out.

Sometimes, the most effective selling technique is to let the customer try the product.

Promoters are those hostesses that carry out all sorts of promotions (product launching, gift distribution, flyers distribution…).

We offer you our diverse team of entertainers: dancers, stilt walkers, actors, musicians, magicians … to give a different fun touch to your products.

At Sir Agency we have available a unique group of instructors that covers all subjects to guarantee a complete connection with children.